Aaryn and judd dating J U DOUBLE D kisses Aaryn on the LIPS! Aaryn asks why did I just kiss Judd?! – Securing VOTES

Aaryn and judd dating

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Glad to see there are a few fellow Canucks on this board! Anything to get the Red Rat out. If my memory is correct, she was working in real estate for only a few months before she left to do BB.

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It comes down to a group of people picked that are not mature enough to play the game. Nah, Aryan will still have Helen to hang out with in the Jury house. GM has told me she is very upset with my last post about her being a stalker. I think Spencer and Andy will be final 2 and that is absolutely horrendous.!!!


GM chained to his Nicks rear bumper and getting dragged across a grass field at 60 miles per hour! My rants against the MVP is NOT a rant against Elissa or the superbudies they should be given props for utilizing the twist and dominating because of it.

The feeds and spoilers are much ,ore interesting when the house guests hate each other.

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If anything, it proves that YOU guys are the weak players. Leaving it up for grabs between Elissa and Candice. Kaitlin is flakey and trying to jump ship cause its her only option.

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If she wins I will do whatever it takes to pursuade her not to put you up. However, it was a bit difficult to follow.


She might have to shut her page down. Basically, Elissa will sail right to the end of this thing, having that. Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: The biggest mistake they all made in this game is keeping Elissa.

Amanda says that she knows that she does.

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I think I hate that fucking weasel more than anyone in that house. Judd looks like the good kind of person who respects his and datings too much to do anything other than kiss on tv.

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Helen Have Nots 2: Spence and Jeremy says that they never know how hard to choke when their asked to do it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Aaryn keeps digging her own grave - Zap2it".