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Airbrush hook up

If the airbrush does not come with the adapter, Harbor Freight has a nice braided hose with the adapter. Model Railroader Newsletter Sign up! A good idea with the nailer anyway. Read more about choosing the right paint to spray….

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I checked for adapters, fittings, etc, at Home Depot with no luck. Link to airbrush dictionary…. Knowing the slang or jargon allows you to talk to other people in the industry.

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When I body paint for hours on end it is my sidekick and a life saver! This is way better.

The Quick List

You must be logged in to post a comment. I keep my compressor in the shop with the door closed and run a regular hose to the regulator and then the smaller braided hose to the air brush. Posted on September 4, by Heather Green.

I wanted to know for certain that when I recommended something, my recommendation was exactly what they needed. It is quiet, light weight, and durable.

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PSI is simple all you need to remember is this, test the pressure on your own face and hand first. Found this website and ordered a regulator with water trap and a new braided hose fro my Badger airbrush to use with my Craftsman compressor.

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There are strengths and weaknesses to them all. In this simple blog I will cover the basics of airbrushing and the tools needed. Unfortunately, I bought an airbrush compressor before doing a lot of research.

Airbrushing can be very overwhelming to first timers, but once you learn about your airbrush system, and the best ways to use it, it can become your favorite way to create beautiful art! But what can you do when you run into YOUR problem?

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What is a Manifold? A good idea with the nailer anyway Old Steam loco's never die, they just lose thier fire. Many people think of buying a compressor first, then an airbrush hook up, then try and figure out what paint they need to try. If you have any questions on something I might have forgotten to cover please email me airbrush hook up sillyfarm.

The Long List

I highly recommend an ultrasonic cleaner. I recommend wrapping all your fittings see image with plumbers tape and then connecting to your hoses to avoid rust and for a nice leak proof seal. Please keep in mind not all guns are the same, different models have different pieces which are a different size. Posted by oclare on Friday, February 24, Is this a hobby or a job? Well everyone I hope you are ready to invest in your first Airbrush system!

Member since October, From: Compressors are only one of your airsource options. The Long List So, in order to start airbrushing we need a plan. Airbrushing is no exception. Member since April, 5 posts.