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Alcanda match making

Our fees are directly related to the quality of service we provide and any additional services required.

Personalised service and discretion are crucial. If you want to know more about the Alcanda Matchmaking Method, click here. Always with a watchful eye.

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To ensure the strictest privacy, all of our clients as well as all of our professional partners lawyers, psychologists, etc. Others keep on kissing frogs and toadswaiting to hopefully find their significant other.

To learn more about the rest of the team, please click here TEAM. Therefore, we are not an on-line dating site or a marriage agency. Our services range from the search process itself to professional coaching and personalized advice throughout the process. The process starts with an initial face to face meeting where mutual suitability will be assessed together. The initial interview and subsequent meetings are made exclusively in person.

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The result is to form a long lasting companionship in order to dating your assistant together everything that you have achieved separately.

In Alcanda Matchmaking we do not believe in princes — and princesses — fairy tales, but we do believe in finding the right person to share a full and complete life with.

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It is a personalized, private and confidential service for discriminating people who value their time and privacy and have not lost hope in achieving a happy life with somebody special. Successful people are by their nature reluctant to admit that finding the right partner may require some help. For more information about our fees, please contact us. Like in any other important aspects of your life you rely on professionals you trust; now you have a specialized service to help you achieve your long-term personal goals.

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If you want to learn more about the difference between our clients and affiliates, as well as the profile of our current clients, please click here. Alcanda Matchmaking is the very first company in Spain to use Executive Search techniques to help you find your life partner. I believe it will help you to understand the passion that I bring to my work and my company.

If you are a dynamic, cosmopolitan, and cultivated individual with a sophisticated lifestyle and value your time, then you could be one of our match making clients. Spending hours navigating on the Internet, opening the door to your heart to unknown strangers, trying to seduce them in the cold cyberspace; clubbing or frequenting matches making or using traditional dating agencies. Matchmaking is a personalized service aimed at finding, in a professional and confidential manner, an ideal life-partner for its Clients.

The chances of success with any of these alternatives is rare and the resulting emotional consequences can be very intense.