Borderlands 2 matchmaking impossible Topic [PC] Matchmaking impossible ?

Borderlands 2 matchmaking impossible

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My only option for co-op was with random people which actually made it way more challenging but the downside is that I was playing with random people. If you people hate it so much, don't be a noob and jump into the 2 matchmaking impossible too fast.

How does Matchmaking work?

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Sinusoidal Follow Forum Posts: I am no stranger to first person shooter campaigns, and this one isn't balanced for solo 2 matchmakings impossible. This is why I stopped playing. Start a New Discussion.

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Make sure you are making use of slag. Parker, Stone, and Ubisoft deliver with a bigger, longer, and better follow-up to The Stick of Truth. But still it's kinda fun.

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In the future, I really hope they provide level scaling to even the odds and make matchmaking easier. Don't have an account?

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Sure TVHM was a probably too much of a ramp up from normal, but then again normal is kinda a casual experience. You're basically SOL if you go down on a boss fight alone. I tried the new level cap areas with my Siren and it wasn't too bad.

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This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: I've respected my commando to have the turrent slag but the enemies take it down pretty fast and I find myself running out of ammo really fast too, the regen health is a monster when you have a swarm of guys coming at you.

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Why is it so hard to find a game? This was my problem too when I first played it. I never got any good loot while playing alone and it always felt terribly unbalanced. I actually thought the exact opposite. I didn't thought if it would be okay or not. That drastically helps the turret's survivability.

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Can anybody help me about that thing. I think standard setting is ping maximum in order for the game to show up in your matchmaking.

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Yeah at this point my Siren feels useless, can't do most of the new stuff. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5.

This is an archived post. I've heard that's near impossible.

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