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Bulova wrist watch dating, 1924 - 1949

The hands of the watch were usually wider, yet they also came to a sharper, more defined point.

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The first digit of the code corresponds to the decade. Narrowing down the date beyond that with certainty may not be possible based on current information. In those circumstances, I subscribe to the "latest date wins" theory only when the case and movement are dated within one year of each other.

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Instead, the appropriate decade must be determined by examining the style of the watch in light of the styles of each decade. A9 is also a valid symbol for and has been seen numerous times on both movements and the back of cases.

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The full list of date codes is available at Bulova Date Codes. So, we may further extrapolate that any watch without a movement date code, with "Bulova W. Those symbols, and the year s to which they correspond, are shown below.

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This exception is particularly true of solid gold and silver models made in the s and s. Begun as a wholesale jeweler, the company produced small table clocks and good-quality pocket watches, Bydriven by the increased demand for wristwatches, Bulova built a factory in Bienne, Switzerland that was capable of mass-producing fully-jeweled wristwatch movements in large numbers.

Though we have far more of these early watches than we did a year ago, we still have relatively few upon which to base conclusions.

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So, the existence or non-existence of a serial number is just one of many factors to be considered when dating a watch. Droz Dial signed "Rubaiyat" or unsigned Movement has a caliber designation--most likely a "B" movement No movement serial number No movement date code Case serial number begins with "10" True wrist watch with the crown at the 3 o'clock position begins to appear, but converted pocket watches still in the majority Case signed "Wadsworth" or signed "American Standard" with globe symbol Case description of "Warranted 20 Years" or "Warranted 25 Years" or "Warranted to Assay" solid gold models ; may also include "Monogram Quality" Movement signed "Bulova W.

Including Date Codes and Date Symbols

For example, movements made prior to do not bear the standard movement date code found on watches dated through Those three date ranges are differentiated by the presence or absence of certain case and movement markings as well as the nature of any such markings, as explained below. It is nearly impossible to date a Bulova watch made between and without the help of an expert, but for those made in later years, the date can usually be identified through the use of a wrist watch dating code.

Those designs were used on many watches produced over a number of years, and the applicable patent date in no way indicates wrist watch dating any particular watch was produced. There are some circumstances that make this a beneficial practice to know, however. Watches manufactured during the s were more decorative than in the previous two decades.

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To the best of our knowledge, the Bulova brand is currently owned by Citizen who still produces watches under the Bulova name. Additionally, the case serial numbers on those early watches tend to begin with "1" or "2" and appear to bear no correlation to the date the watch was made. The company was also very innovative with its advertising and marketing.

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Opening the watch should not be necessary. During the s, metal watch bands and simple hour marking were in style.

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A The second digit of the code matches the ending digit of the year in which the watch was manufactured. A Bulova watch marked with "T8" was manufactured in For example, if the date code has worn away or is otherwise obscured, your next best option is to date the watch by appearance.

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Search this site for. Bulova also flew aboard Skylab, providing special timers which were launched aboard Skylab in