Clan war matchmaking algorithm War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Clan war matchmaking algorithm, file history

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This decision is ridiculously! Help Us By Giving Back! Every bit clans war matchmaking algorithm so all donations are appreciated!

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In other words, are the calculations wrong? It's a free game yet they act entitled. Are they adding defense buildings and fences?

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Hence the defenseless bases with max heroes. A defenseless TH11 weighs points - why?

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So, if you have 10 Lvl3 walls, that would weigh Engineered bases don't normally attack each other. It is not entirely obvious….

We got 30 stars went against an engineered clan. Would you know the difference between the model for the sc gold storage figure, and your defensive strength value.

How to fix war matchmaking algorithm.

This isn't fair, I can't believe people try to justify or not even understand it. Please report to the moderators if you see any violations of the rules.

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Nice article, hope this one is updated regularly. I have worked out both our weights using your calculator and it is telling me the following weights: I mean even in game, modding is against the Tos but it takes forever to get caught if you ever do, so by your argument why should we be mad if we lose to a modder clan? I thought they had a much higher impact. Sure, but anything short of this won't solve engineering and people will just be more frustrated.