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Coc matchmaking change, quick tips for proper upgrade order in clan wars


Alexandre, the Weight of each Wall upgrade can be found by clicking the link in the article above where directed. Many of the comments are negative, but complaints on the internet are generally louder than commendations. Here are the weights for the wall pieces. I paid alot of gems to just disappoint unsuspecting fairplay clans not just here in America, but globally. For our clan it is worse in some respects. Now we just raid. There is no other reason to use these bases in any other part of the game.

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Your location on the map is ONLY your defensive strength compared to your other clan members, nothing more — neither the opponent structure nor the troops are taken into consideration. So in a war of say 20 v 20 we would have 40 attacks for 40 bases instead of 20 bases. Please clear this up! Our maxed th11 has ww ofanother th 11 matchmaking change lvl 3 infernos, lvl 9 wt, lvl 4 xbows, and 2 lvl 9 morfars had ww ofso something has changed since scedule was made….

No skill attack whatsoever! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Personally, engineering is garbage and obviously goes ahainst the intended design of the game.

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However, if i remove all the misc building from your spreadsheet, it shows war weight is Now that you said that I understand. Using an engineered base method to match will penalize people who max their base then upgrade to a higher th. You even have your own clan war league.

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Engineered bases get wiped out repeatedly day after day. If anything the new night bases are setup that way since you cannot upgrade the TH without meeting certain requirements, but the main bases are not that way.

Based on the war finished yesterday my actual war weight for base 1 isbase 2 is Findsomeone nz dating when I bought my second xbow, my weight went right up to and my third xbow brought it up to You mention Supercell use just defensive strength for the rankings, so to find out what I need to know should I just enter the defensive structures for myself and Marcus onto the calculator, to find out why he is above me?


But since their bases are not fully developed, it goes the same way around. Submit a Tip Login Create Account.

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Does the old gold storage number x 5 mean anything anymore in matching? The supercell list is using just defensive strength for listing and clashkings2 uses both offensive and defensive.

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Except for those guys who decode the game files. So in my other clanwe weed out the engineered accounts and start a war with conventional bases and. The th sniping issue was addressed to keep high level clans fom making deals and matchmaking change each other shields to maintain the highest trophy rankings… it was meant to stop people from exploiting the game… engineered bases on the other hand, encompass all the players… anyone can do it. Weighting attacking strength might just not be enough to get more equal matches.

My 2 xbows are level 2, 2 mortars is level 6 and 2 wiz tower is level 6! One is engineered town hall 8, the other a few weeks from max th10 heros are done recently YEAH!