Dating a type b personality 21 Surprising Struggles Of Having A Type B Personality

Dating a type b personality

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Share Tweet Pin It. In situations where I'd normally freak out, just being around his calm energy reminds me I don't need to. And that makes some people uncomfortable. The saying that opposites attract can be true, so think of your relationship with a Type B person as a chance to practice all the skills that have been challenging for you.

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Having to RSVP to anything months in advance. How to make the right choice ] 2 They are highly organized. But sometimes, when I want to take care of something two weeks in advance and he wants to put it off until the last minute, I get so stressed out that I lose sight of that. From Hermione Granger to Leslie Knope, type A personalities, while, yes, a little overeager, have proven to be fiercely loyal and forever lovable.

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Your dating a type b personality is toast. They prefer a calmer pace when it comes to tackling tasks.

I have learned two things from dating someone Type-B:

The merging of two personalities is never easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. I mentioned this in my previous article, but I have become a bit more zen about things I used to be super anal about.

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Weekends are huge for type As — after a week of working their ass off, they want to relax, but relax right. Your partner's brain literally works differentlyso don't try to squish them into a mold they don't fit.

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Often, it's that we could stand to be more like them. Their relaxed dating a type b personality makes it likely that they won't experience a lot of chronic stress, which research shows is remarkably good for heart health, immunity and mental well-being. Give me my space.

Obviously, this can be a problem in terms of communication, but you could always urge your partner to be more involved in the conversation.

1. Plan for Spontaneity

The perks and quirks of dating a writer ] 4 They can be very reflective. People often think that your desire not to sweat the small stuff equates to not caring about the little things.

The more complicated answer, though, is that you should consider whether or not someone with a specific personality type can assimilate well into your own personality sphere. The easy answer is that you should date whoever you like.


Ambitious and organized people are poised for success, which may make the sacrifice worth it. This trait also exists in people with Type A personalities, but researchers see this more in Type B people.

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Dating someone so different to me has had a good impact on my life too. However, your Type A partner might, and you will have to compromise on some things like how they deal with other people and how they might push their own views onto you.

The other morning I was having a really irrational freak out over something insignificant, and then he gave me a hug to help me get over it and we started laughing about what a weirdo I am sometimes. Let me summarise my personality for you: They can be sensitive, too.