Dating fails tumblr Dating Fails

Dating fails tumblr

To submit or be a baby and have your complaint noted you can email us at okcupid.

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If you have a glorious run in with SnugBoat please submit your post so I can keep this awesome guy and his quest for mountains, pussy and rudeness alive! I must follow up with my banter from OKC. Right now in my Que or inbox are about 40 one line messages that are all hate.

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Could you imagine his face and how many keyboards he probably destructed in creating that profile when it no longer allowed another letter to be entered? Did you come up with anything? He had so many words that I seriously could not grab an entire phrase or photo without cutting something off.

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Apparently he really likes himself. Go ahead, close your eyes and meditate on that. Most of these screen captures are what ends up in my inbox on an hourly dating fails tumblr.

I had an earlier Tumblr blog about this from the Summer which I had to screen capture the screen captures from plus about more on my computer. I know he spent hours on this profile and I wanted to make sure I paid correct homage to it.

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Some days I get many sweet messages from both women and men and other days are just random hate mail back to back. This is by far my favorite asshole. I swear I will: Others have better tumblrs that are assembled with screen caps and stories, it makes me give my own a side eye of injustice.

Submit for fail or win! Just a random thought here: Here is where those screen caps end up.

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This one was dating fails tumblr. To make it fair I partake in this world of online dating sites even though I'm very taken.

Online dating is absolutely no different than real life dating. People are still rude, there's still a guy wanting to drug your drink and that girl is going to stalk you. Could you imagine for a moment dating di klcc to be alone with him?