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The multistripe pattern was introduced in and became very popular - so much so that it is sometimes known as "traditional". How can I dating hudson bay blankets how old my blanket is? The Beach Boys in Pendleton wool shirts.

The History of the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket

Particularly collectible point blankets are the Coronation blankets: The labels are how most collectors date the age of the blanket. Blankets are not just warm, they are HOT. There is so much to be proud of! In fact, the black bar or stripe is not really black at all but indigo - a very, very dark blue. The "Trademark A" label above was used by Hudson's Bay Company on its blankets around and the "Stacked" label below was used from around I am delighted that you found it, and that you like it.

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Thanks for the well-written post about our blankets and history. The sewn in label is very much falling apart but the ID is intact. I have yet to confirm the rumour, apparently circulated on the Antiques Road Show, that certain point blankets are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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Some manufacturers of point blanket coats merely tailored their standard mackinaw pattern in a different material. I particularly like the blanket issued in Please credit the image at the top of the couple in the boat as coming from with link Rowell Photography at http: Length base of collar to hem: Today all blankets are separated and packaged as singles during the manufacturing process.

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The Hudson's Bay blanket was called by different names in First Nations languages. So get snuggly everyone. Hooded, embellished with fringing and closed with a bright Assomption sash, the coat became a staple for HBC's explorers and traders as well. But who would have though to use them as window coverings?

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However, these colours have always had special significance for aboriginal people, who were, after all, HBC's original customers. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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You must gently press or blot the water out by wrapping it in towels: HBC no longer carries a line of coats made from point blanket fabric. We have one of these blankets given as a dating hudson bay blankets gift.

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Advertisement from The Beaver The coat is unlined, which is more typical of pre-war patterns. I live in the U. It handles all aspects of production from sourcing the wool to the actual weaving of the blankets. Comments Such great info! If the blanket has a label the task is fairly easy. It is available direct from the author. Some unusual patterns, like the Coronation blanket, and particularly old point blankets may bring up to a thousand or more dollars at auction.

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