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Paul begins his second evangelistic journey by taking Silas dating pauls missionary journeys him to Tarsus. An imperial acclamation was an honorary appellation by which the Roman soldiers saluted their general after a military victory.

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The period from the conversion of Paul until the 1st trip to Jerusalem. A plot on his life forced Paul to retrace his steps back through Macedonia, where he sailed for Troas. However, this is hardly likely for the following reasons.

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Paul then passed through Macedonia in the fall and arrived in Greece where he spent 3 months Acts After an aborted attempt to abandon ship, the crew deployed sea anchors to slow their drift and prayed for daylight. Paul, in Philippi, casts a demon out of a slave. Three months later, in the custody of Julius, Paul boarded another Egyptian grain ship bound for Italy. His message of the resurrected Christ attracted the attention of members of the Areopagus, a body of men concerned with investigating new ideas espoused in Athens.

He, Priscilla and Aquila then travel to Ephesus by ship.

The Conference in Jerusalem

After establishing the sequence of events, and the chronological notes involved, and driving a firm time "peg" into the ground, we can use the sequence to count backwards or forward. After the relief visit 2nd visit to Jerusalem, Paul returned to Antioch. After Philippi the evangelistic team travel to Thessalonica.

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Undeterred, Paul went to Derbe, where he and Barnabas were received more warmly. The apostle preaches in the local synagogue until it eventually splits.

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Assigning dates to the events in the list above. He eventually ends up in Troas. Native populations retained their customs and languages more readily in the more isolated villages and towns typical of the region.

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His own epistles do not provide clear chronological markers for us to use in dating all of the events described. We are forced to assume therefore that the council had not yet occurred. Rejoicing in this victory for the gospel, Paul returned to Antioch and planned a new venture with Barnabas.

Assuming then, that the second visit mentioned in Gal. Catching a favorable wind, the ship sailed on to Puteoli in the Gulf of Naples. In Antioch After Paul's first evangelistic journey completes he, and his fellow laborer in the gospel Barnabas, stay in Antioch for almost three years Acts If so, an earlier date for Galatians is likely, perhaps prior to 50 A.