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RS Prussia

Since the price of porcelain manufactured by Reinhold Schlegelmilch began to rise in the early s, some dealers tried to increase the "supply" available by applying fake marks to unmarked porcelain that resembled genuine R. These four are featured because they are the ones being copied and forged.

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It remains the most popular and recognized mark among fans of this type of porcelain, although a number of others were used. Any other criteria, while it may enhance the VALUE of an object, can not be used to determine dating rs prussia.

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Between and there were three porcelain factories started in the city of Suhl in what is today Germany, then Prussia by persons with the last name Schlegelmilch. Credit card orders call Most original marks were applied fairly late in the production process.


The surface surrounding these marks is often higher than the mark. There is never any glazing on the bottom of this particular shape. It was used dating rs prussia WWII, ca.

Look through the listings in the R.

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The most common star marks RS Prussia collectors see are the 6-point and 8-point versions. Add to that old Limoges, some English bone china, and the host of fakes Distinctive blanks featured molded designs of flowers, fruits, icicles and geometric shapes. Prussia Green Mark R. Some tips from Mar: These scenes are still available through catalogs of transfers sold to present day china painters. A bar mark adds stability and strength to a porcelain object during the firing process in the kiln at very high temperature because it allows the bottom of a piece to have a thicker portion, making it less likely to crack under the subsequent heating and cooling process.

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Even when a piece is a known RS blank with a known RS decoration, if it is unmarked it brings far less. Some people even carry a pocket-sized black light along while shopping to help detect repairs since the glue will often fluoresce when held under ultraviolet light.