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The remaining 4 digits represent the production number of the watch in a sequence. Comment by Foxbat on May 17, 7: Seiko Watch Production Date Calculator http: Does this ring a bell?

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Calulating the above the watch was made in ?? Dear Quartzimodo, Just bought a usedSNo.

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The back of my case has the wave design but it says Seiko water resist Japan A then the serial number After your last advice I internetted Orient automatics and you are of course right, they are a great idea. It tells you the month the watch was manufactured.

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The number on the ladies watch appears to be 1N Hi Pablo, Yes, your is from April Comment by Mongkol on June 14, 5: It also has the on the face and inside it is 17J and 11A witch i am unable to find any information on it. I will probably end up with a simpler Orient power save indicator automatic some time in the future.

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The numbers on the back are. I sent it to be repaired to CSA and they tell me it is not high grade water resistant, but I have always worn it in water and it never leaked. There is still a need to know when the movement came out or a rough estimate.

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Steel the second hand has a dating saratoga springs ny round thing at the end of it. Any help that you can provide would be just awesome for me! The remaining four digits of the serial number indicate the production number for the watch. I saw half circle inside it have 3 line.

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Hi again Three things: A unique feature of the Orient CEYB is its sapphire glass display back, which is quite unusual as most watches with see-thru casebacks use the cheaper mineral glass. There is also a Japan market, bee online dating edition model that uses the identical movement but datings seiko 5 watches for USD2, Hi Nongbrown, Your special Thai numeral, Seiko 5 would be more likely from September and notbecause the caliber was discontinued by and was replaced by the current 7s26 caliber.

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I have gotten a few discontinued Seikos in this manner, saying "Hey look, this watch is eight years old! All Seiko's should have a Serial number on the case back The first number in the Serial is the last number in the year of production, and so if it is a new watch and you see an 8 it should be the year The second number in the Serial is the month the watch was made if you see a 4 it will be the month of April most Seiko serial are 6 digits long and so a serial of 86XXXX would be a dating seiko 5 watches made in April of The key to the whole trick is knowing what movement is in side and older movement like the was made in the late 70's and 80's and so a watch with 86XXXX would be April and so on One pleasant surprise is it features a Breitling Navitimer, or copy.

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John Nelson John N is a contact of mine and he used to run a site dedicated towards Seiko Bell-Matics; he would know about the subject more intimately.