Dating site drupal Case study: A dating site made in Drupal

Dating site drupal

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However, the details of exactly how a dating site is built what modules are implemeting what functionalities are not given. There is also the possibility to open a pop up window, but not necessarily the conversation can be carried out in the same browser window The chat can be configured by user to be private. Can see the member status premium, new, activity, last logon not available for trial members 1.

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Premium member may see the private photos of other members and possible their private videos 1. The user who initiates the chat can archive the chat after that, the chat is no longer available to participants Cons The chat can be archived by any participant including the person s who receive s the chat request Only the hours: I thought that, as a common sense, in order to avoid being accused as promoting my site, I have decided to not display the web address, unless somebody from Drupal webmasters group let me know that I am allowed to do it.

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People seem to avoid that and and couldn't figure out why. Log in Create account.

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How BeaPower commented 28 July at What about Drutalk module drupal. Chat not available for trial members 1.

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Block user messages version 6. I hope in the future people will be more willing and feel more comfortable to share their details.

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So, let's start with 1. Skip to main content Skip to search. Since then, I think maybe it is usefull to list the modules I have installed so far in my dating site and then trying to provide details of basic datings site drupal of a typical dating site drupal website.

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However, if expectations are high then some workarounds are maybe required automatically archiving chats after a predefined period of time, i. The dedicated section of Drupal is http: Sending a smile to a member only by clicking a link - not by sending a message with a smile attached 1.