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GV Snowshoes is the foremost manufacturer of snowshoes in. The reason nobody who is in the snowshoe manufacturing game makes this style anymore is because its inferior to modern designs. After a winter's use, soak the rawhide or babicheplace before a warm oven to dry, and then spar varnish them. So if you dating vintage snowshoes to use them again, restoration is the only way.

Antique Snowshoes

The eBay site is organized into five sections. Words have entered language wood, animal skin. Snowshoeing at Ranch Rudolf. Manufactures and retails traditional, hybrid, plastic and high tech snowshoes, accessories and bindings.

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Theses shoes are tough and made to be used. Maybe my wording was a bit strong, but winter safety is important if you want to live to do it again. Soon after they planned their first date, snowshoeing at High Cliff State. I was less delighted because it meant working with rawhide, a notoriously tough material.

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I also have a mismatched pair of the similar Lunds. I was going to walk about in these, maybe i should reconsider.

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Shop with confidence includes guide. S, 20th century Wood. These are shoes with intact frames, but for a variety of reasons, some of the lacing is too far gone to save.