Harmony archtop dating Found a Harmony Broadway archtop....

Harmony archtop dating

A - No known professional is specialized in Harmony parts only.

Found a Harmony Broadway archtop....

Found a Harmony Broadway archtop I did some surfing but couldn't locate any definitive info. Harmony, from the top to the bottom of the line, used ONLY solid woods on acoustics until factory close in Could you post a pic of that center stripe running down the neck?

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Do you think someone added the Meteor Label on the Headstock? Login or Sign Up Log in with.

Help to identify an old acoustic archtop, please.

Join Date Mar Posts Looks like a solid top! Are you sure its not a missmarked Martin?

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But, like almost every other 40's's that wasn't a Gibson or Epiphone, it could have been made by Harmony: They harmony archtop dating made on the same assembly line at the factory, and of course the body was the same before routing the holes. Please click below, help me to pay bandwith and documents! The binding was actually painted on!

Neck resets aren't insanely expensive, a refret is usually more than a neck reset.

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You know, I dated a Kay guitar and a Harmony guitar for about the first 5 years I played. Looks like an H In the Harmony world, the interested buyer is often rarer than the guitar itself. So, not particularly rare, I take it?

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