Hook up factory radio subwoofers Can you hook up subs to a stock cd player unit??

Hook up factory radio subwoofers

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Speaker wires tend to be grouped together, so look for what may be pairs to start testing. When I play the radio the sound is low, lacks bass, cannot enjoy it at all. Have a 08 ford shelby gt There should be RCA female plugs on your amp, and on the new sub-box enclosure, there should be another set of RCA plugs or clamps.

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But when I shut my car off and then turn it back on my amp comes up with the red light protection error every time after. Run your RCA wires and remote wire to your Amplifier and then enjoy improved music quality: Factory head units rarely have RCA or "Low line" outputs which your amplifier will need for it's input signal.

Remove your head unit. Very cool, thank you.

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How do I get a clean signal for amps. Hello, I just recently purchased a 04 Audi 2. So I had the remote starter done by local shop and the audio done by a big box company.

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Tape up your scotch blocks to stop them rattling around and to hook up factory radio subwoofers the cables bundled up neatly. All of those things effect the sound quality and output you will achieve. Posted on Sunday, November 06, - I have a Pioneer deck, amp, and kicker, installed to shut off from the battery. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

Introduction: Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

I can understand wanting to keep the look stock. Or do i need to upgrade to a bigger one before i hook it up? If so, what LOC would you recommend? Not Helpful 15 Helpful 7.

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Where to get your signal from? For readers that need more details on polarity testing you can check out this video post or this post on wiring up a head unit when the wires have been cut. Oh and also, why does my amp shut off only 10 minutes after i start using my system? You would just need to hook that up to the remote turn on lead from your aftermarket head unit blue with white stripe.

Step 1: Bits and Tools

Posted on Thursday, December 08, - RMS is very important when matching subs and amps, yes not enough power will hook up factory radio subwoofers subs clip, but also to much power will burn your voice coils by over heating them with too much power.

Clipping is the number one reason of bass distortion.

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In about a 9-hour drive, I could make it. Everythings working, you just need to mount your converter to something, only really to stop it rattling and tapping when you're driving, then cable tie any loose wires together and make sure they won't interfere with things like your glove box lid. By the way, it would sound way better with an aftermarket head unit, just an FYI.

Theres no stock sub or anything like that its the low end model jeep. Take into account that your head unit will need space behind it to fit back into the dash properly so don't count on splicing into the cables right at the plug with the converter right behind the head unit, it may be better to mount it somewhere else and lengthen the wire to reach.

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I hooked up a line output converter and when i shut my car off the amp begins to work and apply bass. As i say its not really influencing the signal to the rear speakers, i doubt it makes any difference you could detect with your ears even at high volume. You do not want the amp wired up to constant power as this will drain your car battery.

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Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate the input. Also, on your aftermarket amp, make sure the low pass filter is on. If you were testing all of your wires earlier with a multimeter, you should know which wire is a switched power describe the important dating methods in archaeology.

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