Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver Can someone show me how to hook up an FM antenna? Please!

Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver

I looked on line for an F connector with two wires only. This is what I have. Discussion in ' General Audio Discussion ' started by nickrobotronMar 7, Should coaxial cable be involved On the two terminals on the left An older unit will likely have 3 terminals They can also be mounted in the attic or the top of a closet if outdoor mounting isn't feasible.

Have you tried this?

I hope no one thinks this is a hijack, I believe this is along the same lines as the hook up fm antenna vintage receiver. If it's an outdoor antenna you desire, if an FM-specific antenna isn't readily available, an inexpensive outdoor TV antenna will do the job.

So can someone take a snap shot of the back of their receiver or just carefully explain it to me?

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MarkwMar 7, JoeESP9May 8, Sorry if I have misunderstood you. Poke around this site.

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Archive View Return to standard view. I'm presuming here that the TV socket will be used for the receiver only. Insulated it and connected to RG-6 cable and ran it inside the house. If he does still use FM occasionally, what did you do about an antenna, nick? Either signal would need a splitter, and the newer antenna would defiinitely be picking up FM. The middle lead of the coax goes to the 2nd terminal from the left, and the coax shield goes to the 3rd terminal, which is chassis ground. Is that even physically possible?

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AM doesn't require an external aerial. I'm going to try a Radio Shack Cat.

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The ordinary cheap "T" FM antenna would connect to the 2 terminals marked ohm. Your name or email address: Kenwood and Pioneer are at fault. If you are settled on speaker wire not the best pick hook one end to the common, the other to Ohm. No, I will be using it for tv as well. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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It can be very helpful for FM issues. Bunty2May 8,