How do i hook up my deca broadband adapter How to Connect a DECA Broadband Adapter

How do i hook up my deca broadband adapter

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Click on any individual, highlighted title to visit its product page if you would like to review the product in detail. I have a network switch connected to each adapter, and a wireless AP connected to each network switch. More examples of Power Line adapters Not sure what if any encryption is being used. The first generation of DECA adapters has a large, white rectangular design.

They just happen to work well for using coax to carry ethernet to places where pulling cat5e cable may be difficult.

Defining the DECA Broadband Adapter

Pulling cable through the attic is a nightmare because there is about 18" of insulation on the attic floor and even the interior walls of the house have insulation behind the sheetrock. Directv Deca Broadband Adapter Model: Hey John, My house is L-Shaped too and the signal is just not strong enough to get back there. Glad it worked out. I got two of them so far.

I do have DirecTV, however. Computer ] by wutsinterweb Bill's note I ordered three of these from Amazon at 15 bucks each with Prime I got free shipping and no tax.

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I think I am going to buy one more. Someone nearby will probably not be able to use another unit to connect to your LAN but may be able to set up an antenna and snoop traffic.

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If either unit's lights are not on, run a "Connect Now" procedure from the main receiver. That's why I used them.

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If I was worried about snooping, I could put one in the line up to the OTA antenna to contain the signal. Check out the Top-rated sellers that come backed with a history of great customer service to ensure a satisfying shopping experience.

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I will report back after I get them installed and let you guys know how it all turned out. Da Bulls44 to TheRayBan.

How well it works depends on what else is being carried over the cable. They are so cheap I think I will give it a try and see what happens.