Ive been dating my girlfriend for a year 'We've been together for a year but never had sex'

Ive been dating my girlfriend for a year

Original post cannot be on the front page or within 48 hours. Books In Pictures - the story of love and romance: She sounds stuck in other areas of her life. I think you are going to have to move on here. I'm sure she senses that a little and it is cruel to stay with her at that point. For the Guys there are younger girls showing up for their first summer of fun too.

But instead, most of her reactions are along the lines of "I can't do anything about it" or "I don't have time to take a break".

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She told me that she wants some time to clear her head about the whole relationship thing. You can choose to stay around for it and be miserable yourself, or you can walk away and be there for her as a friend. You can't force her not to. The question is can You be happy with these differences for the rest of Your Life - can She??

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I wondered about that, as well. I wouldn't be surprised if she's never had an orgasm before.

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Loving each other is great, and it's a great start for a relationship. I bet if you looked at the whole of the relationship, you would see that she was basically the same person who you first met.

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I used to think that "compatible" meant "compatible personalities"; someone who shared your interests and laughed at your jokes. I've been in a long, mostly fulfilling relationship with my girlfriend.

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Ex boyfriend messaged me for a month then stopped? If you think she's depressed, help her—don't run out on her. Until 1 and 2 happens, do not date or see anyone else.

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You're asking strangers on the internet for advice anonymously which precludes any back and forth between you and us. How do I make up for it?

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My bf use to never want me to go out and I think I just got use to that now its like I want to go have fun but Idk where to even start. We've shared a lot together.

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Everybody goes through tough ass times; it's great that you have been supportive and awesome, and we should all be so lucky. I'm someone that is mostly asexual. But now im feeling horrible. Have you tried extended foreplay centered on her? So, in your opinion, is this a "perfectly good relationship"? I get it when females want to quit sex a bit before were dating my girlfriend for a year so that they feel they did it the right way as if that isnt fucking idiotic anywaybut to wait for fucking years?

Out of curiosity, how are you doing now? If she loves you, she'll see you've reached your limit and will take steps to remedy things.

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But she's really a wonderful girl, a really sweet girl. It may be trite, but better to regret the things you've done, not the things you never did. About two weeks ago, we had a long talk and we both ended up in tears.