Panzer 4 s matchmaking Pz.Kpfw IV Schmalturm, cz.I

Panzer 4 s matchmaking

Sign In Email address: I have yet to play a battle in my ram panzer that red panzer 4 s matchmakings not get at least two heavys for my medium ram panzer if not 3 or 4.

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Lockhart77 1 Posted 15 April - Look I'll play two more games right now and post. Lockhart77 7 Posted 15 April - Back to Current Archive.

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My current one is the Super Pershing which I can't wait to get my gold refunded on! But the gun is useless when you can hardly keep up or damage tier 8 reliably before getting blapped to death: Which consumables do you use?

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Sign In Email address: I suppose you could also platoon with a tier VII tank, but you're partner is always going to be a tier below top, and you may want to make certain they are okay with that.

Lockhart77 5 Posted 15 April - Ja, die Waffen sind praktisch dieselben, aber beide werden maximal gegen Tier 8 gematcht.

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Search Advanced Search section: Edited by Dex, 28 June - Xavier5A, on 28 October - It's because the vehicle is ridiculous. Conclusion, ram panzer is busted in match making Grinding Modules order of research plan: It's a bullet magnet, everbody want to shoot it!

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Lockhart77, on 15 April - That had two pretty decent tier 4 one of which is an arty. There are premium tanks that exist for the sake of grinding credits and there are premium tanks that exist for novelty.

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BrownBagBlues 17 Posted 22 July - A large caliber HE shell to the side is usually fatal.