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Blush I would do that. We already went through that Celestia: I don't know it just felt right Shadow: Shadow, why are you showing the picture of my evil side Heartless?

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Don't you dare Shadow: I thought you said you burned that! Which hedgehog do you like the best? Average on players 0 this month.

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Create a quiz on GotoQuiz. Keep kissing him till he wants to get married and have lots and lots of kids!

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Would sonic, shadow, or silver like you? This is a stupid question. What kind of sport do you like?

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Amy rose and cream. Take this quiz to find out if Shadow hates you, loves you, or just likes you as a friend.

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There still a good use of weapons shadow the hedgehog dating quiz Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad. They agree with me more. Both, I'll be a two timer me: By dark form you mean the one that almost destroyed half of Mobias?

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I'm doing it to get you back for showing the picture of me as a cat Celestia: Who are you calling spiteful! Someone kill me now Shadow: Rouge the bat and maria robotnick. Blush and kiss him back.

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Well its a question isn't it? Parrots that can talk Shadow: Well I might have lied about that but you looked so cute as a kitten Shadow: Yeah never gonna happen Shadow: What is wrong with you?

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Yeah well I do. All of it is true. What animal do you like?

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