Shark tank hose hook up Mark Cuban Dumped HyConn

Shark tank hose hook up

It is a cool design, no doubt.

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Worked on this technology 10 years ago. October 15, at 1: This is nothing new. He failed on this deal and his basketball team is failing.

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The deal does not end with Mark Cuban. I have had a quick connect hose since the early nineties.

Hy-Conn is a super-fast connector for fire hydrants and garden hoses

Years ago when I had numerous horses I had quick connects on the wells, Etc, but it was a different design. Jeff introduced himself to the Sharks, and said that he was the owner of hyconn LLC.

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Robert asked if you shark tank hose hook up that there is a budget for this dating victoria swenson most Fire Department. Barbara said that there is only an eight-second difference between the two.

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Mark Cuban has not publicly commented on the deal. Set over this but he was operating the truck one day and realize that it was taking too long to provide water to the fire scene. He noticed something alarming — attaching the standard fire hose to a fire hydrant took up to 30 seconds, which is a lot of time during an emergency.

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Stroope hints, Mark Cuban concluded licensing the design to another company is the best strategy to bring the quick-disconnect hose fitting to market. It would reduce the cost and increase the profit margin.

HyConn Before Shark Tank

Robert looked very interested. Kevin said that he saw that Jeff was passionate about that fire hose piece of high column and that he just wanted the garden hose piece.

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It only shows you that the investors are very out of touch with regular people. Kevin wanted to know what each one costs.

Jeff told him that he was from Arkansas.

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Does he back out alot? October 6, at 9: But I love these updates Kirk, keep them coming.

HyConn on Shark Tank

Jeff told the sharks that there are thirty-three thousand fire departments across the United States, and said that the was Millions be made with this product. Robert asked if he was just going to go to different Fire Department and ask them to buy it just to save 8 Seconds.

Jeff said that he was working towards that, but had not gotten approval yet. Barbara asked him if it was part of the same deal.