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Tyler Lockwood

Bonnie brought him back to life in the finale of season four, She was brought back in death and the maiden. Elena seemed preoccupied despite what she said so Caroline asked how things were with her and Stefan and if she heard from him " No, not since the fight " Elena lied referring to the " break up " at the Mystic Grill.

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Caroline is taken aback that he knows. Caroline removes the bullets and Tyler remarks how he's going to kill Connor.

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He hurriedly carries Caroline into her house and lays her down, all the while trying to tell Elizabeth what he thinks happened. As she leaves Matt in a daydream state, she ask about Tyler, Stefan says he took care of it. Enzo later finds Caroline and Tom and then he kills Tom.

Candice Accola & Steven R. McQueen

Caroline is left alone with the professor and after that she has drained all the vervain in his system starts to question him about the secret society, he says the society is called Augustine, and how he became a member and that there is a vampire named Augustine who actually killed Megan, Diane Freeman then comes and Caroline compels him to forget everything that happened and everything that he knows about Elena and her, Caroline then leaves the laboratory.

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As Stefan tried to get Caroline inside, Damon tried to kill her again. Just as she is going to leave to find someone to help her, Caroline appears in front of her and calls Stefan, with a confused April before her.

The truck stops besides them and the driver inquires if they are the ones who called in the flat tire.

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Caroline gives Damon a dirty look and she takes off after her friend. After Caroline rejects the drink he offers her and leaves, Klaus thinks Kol is challenging him to win her over, so he follows her, almost getting hit by a car. Later, Tyler confronts her about plans to kill Klaus and doesn't believe Caroline when she says she isn't involved in any scheme to kill him.

She bursts in and spots him curled up on the floor.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

After finding him, she discovers he has amnesia and tries to help him remember who he is. At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself.

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After a moment Caroline sets down the bag and turns and leaves. Caroline runs to him as Jonas leaves, and her face becomes one of a vampire as she smells Matt's blood. Caroline forces Bill to drink her blood to heal him.

Caroline Forbes

Jeremy and Tyler were both interested in Vicki. She also has learned of the death of Bonnie's father and tells Elena to let her know when she hears from Bonnie.

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McQueen were spotted making out at a club in Catalina, California, and the two were hot and heavy for a while until Steven got friendly with Hillary Harley, a Vampire Diaries production assistant, and Candice moved on to another co-star — Zach Roerig! Bonnie reveals she quit. When Elena arrives at the store, Caroline and Bonnie leave then Elena steals the dress.

He grabs the bottle of wolfsbane water and Caroline asks if he is whom is caroline forbes dating in real life he wants to drink it, but Tyler insists that he does because it will diminish his strength.

Klaus relays a story of how one of his horses was once killed as his father tried to kill him.

Matt Donovan

Matt's mother, Kelly Donovandidn't like Elizabeth and made it clear that she was not fond of Caroline either, upon her return. Then he stabs her and she passes out.

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Caroline is trapped in a dungeon, tied to a chair by chains. Stefan tells her it is not going to get any easier, that she has to work on it that much harder. Caroline says she will force her father to feed, but Elena reminds her it isn't his choice.

He remained in Mystic Falls and caught Elena's eye. From the episode 'Isobel' and onwards, they have both gone back to normal and become best friends once again.

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