Who is dating who on pretty little liars The Love Interests

Who is dating who on pretty little liars

Spencer offers to put it in her locker but Hanna knows that it's not safe from "A," Hanna grabs the bracelet and Aria tugs it back saying she'll put it in her purse but it falls into the toilet. They climb through the window with flashlights. Spencer informs Emily, Aria and Hanna that Tamborelli is confiscating any phones that aren't switched off.

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Noel asks her what it is, but she is so entranced by it, she doesn't care that he is suspicious and brushes him off to find a quiet spot and read the poem.

Aria plays along, as the truth is close enough, and realizes aloud that she needs to move on from Ezraas that relationship will never be what she wants it to and can only end badly.

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The figure runs out of the house, literally a thief in the night. Veronica doesn't want to talk about it in front of everybody there.

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He responds by telling her he's been fired and next Monday will be his last class. A post shared by Sasha Pieterse sashapieterse27 on Dec 10, at 8: Hanna then changes the subject to Kate. Later at school, Aria apologizes to Ezra for slipping up.

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Detective Wilden bursts into the room with a shovel informing them that they are going down for murder since they were found with the weapon confirmed to have been used in Alison's death. Welch, Holden, and Aria regroup. Spencer desperately pleads with "puppy dog eyes" for CeCe to let her and Aria tag along to the party so Spencer can greenwood dating her application to him.

When forced to play a board game by Uber A, Aria tries to negotiate her way out of the game, by potentially working for Uber A.

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Aria meets her friends at lunch where they talk about Jenna some more. Later that night, Aria passes by Maya's house and sees Spencer.

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After school, Aria chats with her father as he returns from work. Not only does the class qualify as "separate time," but it also gives her an excuse to see Ezra on campus, so there are benefits on both sides—that is until she finds out Jenna is also taking the class.

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Aria then brings up the ticket to the art gallery. Emily can't believe she has been faking her blindness for so long.

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At the Montgomery'sElla is cooking dinner. Spencer's mom invited the other girls to the funeral, suddenly regretting separating Spencer from her friends, in light of recent whom is datings who on pretty little liars.

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Aria is rebuffed, especially when her father acknowledges the gesture towards the "kids. Aria had enviously ogled at Noel applying sun block on her back. Mona and Noel aka Nona.

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After this, the girls get a text from "A" which tells them they are looking in the wrong places, so Spencer figures they should visit the right ones - or "Wright's" Playground. Afterwards, at Spencer's houseJason comes to thank them for everything and gives them Ali's beaded name bracelet scene kid dating website a token of appreciation; she was wearing it at the time of her death.

She dated producer Ryan Good aka Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" on-and-off between and Later, the girls head to Emily's house to spend the night when an ambulance rushes past them.

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Ezra stares wistfully out his classroom window when Aria approaches. Ali's brother, Jasonwalks in and basically takes over the planning of the memorial. At first she says no, citing her mental preoccupation with her parents' marital troubles, but after recalling how she used to have a crush on Noel, she accepts Hanna's date offer.

The next day, they are all in Spencer's living room.