Who is sam dating on general hospital Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are JUST FRIENDS, so who Is His current Girlfriend? Secretly Married?

Who is sam dating on general hospital, kelly and billy spotted out on a halloween night ‘date’ in la – is it love?

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InJason came back as an amnesiac calling himself Jake Doe after being hit by a car. A few days later, when she finds out Jason has gone missing she decides to go after him and they end up on Cassadine island with Helena, where they hope to get answers but they don't and before she dies Helena puts a curse on Sam.

After Elizabeth leaves, Jason comes to Sam's house, and she lets him know Elizabeth confessed the truth to her.

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She finds out Spinelli is investigating Heather after she stole Olivia Falconeri 's car the night of the storm.

Port Charles Jason and Sam. The motivation behind the character's bad girl ways were revealed, when it was discovered that she was raised on the road by a con artist father, Cody McCalland used cons to provide for her mentally handicapped older brother, Danny McCall.

Jason almost kills Nikolas, but Sam manages to talk him down and convince him to let Nikolas go for her.

‘GH’ watchers want to know if Is Kelly Monaco is having a baby -- favorite soap actress expecting?

After Sam lashes out at Carly, the two whom is sams dating on general hospital remerge their hostility. Danny doesn't respond to chemotherapy, and Silas tells Sam to look into a potential bone marrow transplant donor. Jason shows up soon after. Jason and Sam figure out that Dr.

Sam wants to tell him about the baby, but wants to make sure that everything is okay with both her and the baby before doing so. Finn examines Jason and believes he has contracted malaria. Sam has surgery, but cannot recover because her blood is not clotting. As Billy is not just a great actor, but he is enriched with good looks, charming face, hot body and everything else girl might want to see in their whom is sam dating on general hospital. Michael started seeing a therapist, Dr.

Sam is finally able to take Danny home, but Silas hangs around, helping them get settled in, and Sam makes visits to the hospital to see him. After that whole time they fell in love. She comes over with Danny and Michael. On Christmas Eve, Jason runs into Sam and Danny in the park and has another memory flash when he sees Sam's star necklace. Sam and Jason during her pregnancy Nico, obsessed with Sam, tries to kidnap her, and Jason and Sonny both try to protect her.

Jason convinces Sam to return Hope to her mother to avoid a court battle, and Sam has to cope with losing another child.

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Jason is there to support Sam when she recovers, and she accepts his offer to return, and stay with him. Though it was believed that the Balkan was responsible, Jason receives a call from the newly returned Francowho hints that he planted the bomb.

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Rafe and Molly crashed into a road block and were taken to the hospital. After finally realizing that Sam has not gotten over Jason, he tearfully ends their engagement.

Sam took on the challenge and let him know in no uncertain terms that she would continue her investigation. Who sam is dating in real life? While she is trying to ream out Silas, he examines Danny, despite Sam's objection and says he's sick. So in order to shut them up, Sam buys a pregnancy test and when she returns to Jason's penthouse to take the test, Jason walks in and finds her with it. Jason gives the child to her and Sam claims the baby isn't hers, but Jason says she's in denial from the grief. Jason and Sam were married for the first time on September 22, On November 8,the last night of their honeymoon, Sam and Jason were drugged by Franco.

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Their make-out session stops when they realize Danny is awake and they get up to tend to him. The General Hospital star and her husband Shane Aaron are expecting their first Teresa Castillo is closing out the year on a high in real life. Sam tells Alexis about Silas mentioning that Ava has a brother Kiki never knew about. Sam gets distracted from the divorce proceedings when Alexis is admitted to the hospital with a mystery illness.

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Sam cries in John's arms over her loss. When both Michael and Kristina run away, Sam and Jason go look for them, and they become closer on their trip.