Zodiac sign dating habits What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life

Zodiac sign dating habits

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In the bedroom, your passionate nature is obviously legendary—but in the bedroom, you get to be a little more vulnerable, and that can be quite endearing to your partner who presumably knows your zodiac sign dating habits charge energy everywhere else.

They can be hard to win over, but if a real suitor comes calling, they're totally up for commitment. Libras are generally more conceited and value looks over substance more than they'd like to own up to. Yes, Scorpions are intense when it comes to dating. Yep, you're a true Cancer.

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Eh, it's time to move on. If they like you—great.

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By Laura Argintar Dec 16 Virgos are also analytical and unselfish -- they're going to make you work for it. With an early January birthday, Kate Middleton is a Capricorn.

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As you might have guessed, you love makeup sex, to which you're probably thinking: Here, astrologer Kelli Fox of TheAstrologer. They're kind of superficial sometimes. Aquarians are simple folk who do almost everything quietly.

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No relation to hippies. Some might label them as being commitment phobes, but who are we to judge?

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Players need not apply. This can be great in the bedroom.

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By nature you're stubborn and, well Their creative personalities tend to result in unconventional relationships, and we all know what that means! But that doesn't mean years in the Friend Zone—you can move quick and fast when you feel a spark. A Cancer is maternal, sensitive, and emotional, and absolutely thrives off nurturing others. If you're a Cancer, when you go on dates, it's in hopes that the next guy will be the one who brings home the bacon so you can fry it up.

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Safe sex doesn't have to mean boring sex. Geminis are all about duality, which means their personalities often flip-flop between wanting to be nurtured with familiarity and craving to experience something new.

ARIES: They think mostly of themselves.

Angelina Jolie is a Gemini because of her June birthday. In the bedroom, you take charge, making sure you figure out exactly what your partner wants.

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Capricorns are my kind of people, especially when it comes to dating! When it comes to dating, you tend to start as friends first and will remain friends even if the romantic relationship doesn't last.